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Sunday, September 10th

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Welcome to I'm listening. Two hours dedicated to ending the stigma of talking about mental health. And raise awareness for suicide prevention to join the conversation please visit I'm listening dot org. You can reach who showed this year house suicide has impacted you find resources information on today's guests and more. I'm listening dot org now here's our host BJ Shea. Wanna thank you all for being with us today because over the next two hours. What we intend to do our hope is to shine a light on two important issues that affect us saw and this doesn't get talked about nearly enough. And so what we're open to do all of us here together is what we want we wanted to dispel the stigma surrounding. Mental health. And suicide. These are things that do not get talked about these are things that people sometimes are ashamed to talk about. But this is a very special month because September. Represents a multitude of suicide prevention observations. And awareness including world suicide prevention day week and month. It is something. Probably one of the most important things that we can talk about with our children our parents everybody our friends our coworkers and yet. A lot of us don't. Today we're gonna discuss suicides effect in our local communities we're gonna discuss how we can help. Even if we think someone has just thoughts of suicide and ultimately what can be done to prevent suicide. Which is why were really really fortunate to have a lot of wonderful people joining the show today they're gonna share their thoughts gonna help us all elevate the conversation. We're gonna talk with Metallica. Logic. Gary Allen Sara from fan Graham and many many others and they're all gonna share their personal stories are gonna show their messages. And of course we're gonna have medical professionals offering expert advice and resources because again. This is what we wanna do today we just want to lift the stigma we hope we can do that. We wanna take action and we wanna remind everyone. The most courageous thing that you can do. In life. Is ask for help and this is what we hope we can get people to understand today. And I'm if you want more information about I guess or if you'd like to share how suicide is impacted you please go to I'm listening dot org. And I'll be talking about that website a lot today I'm listening dot org. That's we gonna find our studio number so if you wanna talk to was just go to I'm listening dot org. That way you get the number you can give us a call here for the next two hours men we'll talk with you we'll talk with you about anything about this subject. You give us a call. The numbers that I'm listening dot org. We wanna hear your stories who won here experiences because. What you tell us really can help somebody else and now we also give people the example that we can have a conversation about something like this. This really this should be no conversation that we can't have especially if someone needs help. Join me today I'm really excited about this because she is somebody who is just man. Wonderful person who has everything. Credibly as well as an pathetically to help us today her name is doctor Ursula Whiteside. And doctor Whiteside is a licensed clinical psychologist. She's a CEO of now matters now dot org. She's also clinical faculty at the University of Washington. And as a researcher she has been awarded grants from the national institute of mental health and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. And were really really happy to have which is a doctor Wexler thanks for being with us. Got to be thinks of it. Yeah I just thinking about and the things he said about me and you know the back aren't training I have. The thing and we didn't mention is that I have experience is now thought to myself and so that's partly why am here since I have that passion and understanding what what it's really like. But really I'm not allowing either and there's a lot of people are maybe that you hadn't considered who have had to send a thoughts like Princess Diana she had attempted suicide. I JF. M okay had had committed suicide attempt at some point is it. Just suicidal Lady Gaga at either be we don't really think of having something common Bruce Springsteen at the that the thing that I think is so important is that. This is some feeling common it's part of the human experience and I wanna make sure that they'll listen to other really get that piece of it. And you know it the other thing we talk about his mental health and you talked about the folks that are you know why poor who had suicidal thoughts or where we're thinking about that. Also mental health is something that I don't beat think people realize affects. Almost all of us and yet we think oh no this is just me and therefore I don't want this to look like I have a mental health issue because I'm the only one would happen but actually it's. It's really great you know we had about mental health depression anxiety one in 41 in five of us will have these experiences and even in terms of lake. Seriously considering suicide in Washington State. For example in the last year about 120 people seriously considered suicide this is reeling in common people who show from primary care. One in ten or 120 of them say at the last two weeks have had since. This is really common and yet at the same time. You know we kind of locked around my misses super and usually should freak out if somebody's having suits and a and I'm I'm Eunice in action being really humanly somebody who's. Going through that can make huge difference. Once again if you'd like to share how suicide is impacting you go to I'm listening dot org for our studio line you can also tweet is that I'm listening underscore. Org. That's I'm listening underscore org or you can just use the hash tag I'm listening. Our first caller is legendary music producer Bob Ezra from Lou Reed and Pink Floyd to Alice Cooper and kisses I kissed Bob has produced. Some the most iconic albums of all time. And that's why we're really really happy to have Bob was today Bob thank you so much for being with us. Good morning thank you thank you for doing this is so very. Or if bombing you know what you're you're somebody that has basically walked that walk as well as talk that talk and as it is start to whites I share with us house whose eyes so suicides impacted her for folks that don't know you in this particular realm how has suicide impacted you. Well we we lost. Our oldest son in 2008. He took his own life and and actually it's important people know that that the best way to the process we've we've for centuries had committed suicide as though it's some kind of a crime. And it's it's actually. It's it's an act it's a consciousness sometimes. Not completely bought through act the people. Take because they can't think of anything else. At the time. But it's not a crime they're not they're not reaching out to punish their not reaching out to hurt there actually reaching out to end their. Yeah that's it that's a hole. That's a very good distinction Bob I appreciate that because man's so many people. Really demonize the person that we've lost to suicide and it's really here to make that distinction. It up well clearly the you know. It took the process of David. Struggle. Which which. Started at the age of about twenty or 21 he had a very high fever. And was very ill and when he came out the other side. Yet developed. An acute. Those CD which is obsessive compulsive disorder in Anadarko will know exactly how difficult that is and would no acute that it could that we actually we had the treatment in LA at the very debt clinic. He got. Sort of better but that was back and he also developed. Schedule effective disorder. Which means. You know which we used to call. It's training I guess and again and you know to the point where you are hearing voices that he was being. Compelled to do things that. That we're not rational. And and yet he was high functioning well and we've changed a lot in this country sort of very very difficult. To impose treatment on somebody is especially in the state of California where we were living at the time there was no way to come medium. Involuntarily. We can get a look at but they had to let him go laughter Q days if he didn't wanna stay so. We actually it's like in slow motion and watched it's actually it out and there wasn't a whole lot we can do about it. And he was. 42 years old when he when he died. Little too old for us to treat him like a child who couldn't locker room birdie that and end so I you know I take electorate from from. David there are there's a number of lessons from David steps that we worked the biggest weapon is. We have to change our attitude towards our attitude in this system. Placed towards people who are about to hurt themselves structures we gotta have more support. We have to have more mechanisms in place to be able to. Helped them to deal with whatever it is it's pushing them to that kind of action. We gave it. Therapists that can be. It's inevitable you're going to get a phone call and he says he's either gonna hurt someone else or he's gonna hurt himself. Let's open the latter. Guess there was a group really hard conversation yet go to. I know when people are going through this really I kept confidence ferry and usually experience when they're having hallucinations or auditory hallucinations. It isn't it's a very scary experience and when people don't know. How to treat some of his going through that or don't understand it. Then it can be very hard to seek help and so grossing abounds when it they experiences like her Fam me and people love the love people going to this. And then also what that experience is like on the other side is super confusing and you know trying to get out in that situation can be difficult as well somebody point out that. About your son and and the difficulty getting that and treatment any need in getting him into treatment. Turns out chipping can be really boring. But taking the time to do the real worked itself can be you know it's monotonous you to go to better early yet take medication all of those things and and that that. That part of making gonna get in the way in oftentimes it's harder before it gets better. And then eventually doing the work starts to be better than not doing the work. Yes aren't just. I know you're grading Alec should make a final comment because about it but I idea yet what what I wanted to say Bob is I really appreciate the fact that somebody your position is speaking about this. You you know in the entertainment business and everything and where we're we're grateful that you took time to help shed light again this today is all about discussing. An issue mental health and suicide things that people don't want to discuss the boy it's something we have to. Yet I think that's what's so important about what you're doing hair I wish you would do it every single day Alicia what the one year. We should be talking about this every day all the time just to say when someone says hey how you do want. Most people do have a great you know but. And and they be afraid we will ever actually a little depressed today Arab actually feel real anxious. Sort of a crate it or any of that so they will they have got to edit my leg hurts but they won't talk about how they deal. And and and that that discourse that we have to. That we have to be comparable what we have to do it a regular basis so thank you very much for this leading great. And please do it again and again and. Bob as well as long as are wonderful people like you that wanna participate we will indeed thank you so much for being with us okay. Legendary music producer Bob Ezra and. On on the program today Ernest Hemingway Chris Cornell student Caitlin Davis junior say now Abbie Hoffman. This has been a small example of thousands of people from celebrities to musicians who are friends neighbors and families whose lives were lost to suicide. There is hell I'm listening visit our am listening dot org for resources into join the conversation. I'm listening dot org. I think it's safe to say that we don't need to really say anything more then their name. And you know or talk and they took some time out of the European tour to be here so if you will man I hope you join me in welcoming this important message from Metallica. Hey there with the boys and Metallica. And suicidal thinking happens to anyone at any time. Talking about it is the most important thing you are not alone I'm listening. It is not a sign of weakness to see a doctor when your depressed. Unfortunately the very nature depression trains the desire and energy to talk with them members would seek professional help. You're depressed. Most courageous thing continues to call 180273. Top. Every eleven point nine seconds in the United States alone. Somebody completes a suicide this is not good so let's keep people alive. It's keep people healthy. Spirits. And remember. There's nothing wrong with anything that you're feeling depression is the most prevalent mental fill this order. Over twenty million American adults depressive illness in any given here suicide is an international problem. And a major public health concern. I am listening call 1802. Sevens we spoke. That's actually 1802738255. I'm listening. One thing Italian we're taking time to share their message today a lot of people are doing that and it's really really wonderful. I'm BJ Shea along with doctor Ursula Whiteside and this is I'm listening. You want more information about today's guests you wanna get resource is that you can use the number so you can call into the show right now. You can share how suicide is impacted you because that's what. Everybody you hear today that's going to be the lead think they're going to say here's how suicide is impacted me. And we hear those stories. It's going to be it's really amazing you'll realize wow. I thought I was the only one. And the more stories we hear you realize no you realize that you are part of a big big group of people and once we all realize that our man and we can start healing. We can start really changing of the planet. This and I'm listening dot org that's we get the number and that's we can call him and if you feel like you need help right now. Please call national suicide prevention lifeline that's at 180273. Talk that's 1802738255. Now let's hear from Sarah RFL from fat grams Sarah she form phantom Graham which our Josh Carter back in 2007. Their album three came out last year but sadly. That album was delayed for awhile when Sarah sister Rebecca was lost to suicide. And it is staggering how suicide affects the family members here Serra Martha. Hey everyone this is Sarah from plant to Graham and I am here is speaking out about. Mental illness and the seriousness of this disease in the hopes that we can overcome the stigma surrounding. Last year my sister committed suicide after her lifelong battle with depression and anxiety. There's been a stigma in our culture surrounding mental illness and suicide. The statement can lead to discrimination. And negative stereotyping which makes it harder for the ones who are suffering to reach out. But it's okay to not feel okay. And it's okay to get help we can all help by listening to people around us. Encouraging friends and family who are struggling to talk. To either us or professional counselors. We all need to help instill courage and others facing these challenges. And I'm listening. Many things is Sarah for sharing her story and her time and it's interesting to note that anagram song. You don't get me high anymore was inspired by Sarah's darkness while coping with the loss of her sister. And if you're just joining us this is I'm listening I'm BJ Shea along with doctor Ursula Whiteside who was a licensed clinical psychologist and CEO now matters now dot org and on clinical faculty at the University of Washington. And on the way we have got James Arthur Halsey. Chris nova so much from Nirvana and more and this is it to our conversation my mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Anytime you want more information about the show. Mental health or suicide prevention just visit our website at I'm listening dot org and we actually going to be taking some calls today. So you can go to I'm listening dot org get our telephone number you can call in now and myself doctor Whiteside will be here just to talk with you listen to you with. Anything at all and I love the we got our first call from Sonja. And now right catch up Sonja and Rochester New York it's so good you are used to live in Rochester back and they welcome. Oh really how I thank you very much prodding me. So you're wrong with don't really wrong with doctor white side I'm just here basically so that now I can get the buttons pushed everything so would every you'd like to tell us. Doctor Whiteside is here and she may ask you questions but what would you like he had talked to us today about Sonia. Think thank you so much well on in December. Last year I actually attempted to take my own life. And the reason being I just wanted. No bad for someone asked me if I was OK and I didn't actually have the strength to have. To tell anyone that I wasn't feeling well so when I got to the hospital on my dad told me that we needed some kind of emergency help. So. I looked through all kinds of different apps and nothing did what I really want a so my dad said we need to find a way yes it in contact with us. The talent that you're not okay and one that didn't actually require me to say thank. Seeing is nothing left available on the market I actually went to a local app developer indeed is an architect. And I had been developed for me on app. That is the design of an emergency alert system so I download the app. I put it in him I couldn't my iPhone I add my own information though. Unlike my name my own number and an emergency. Message Blake and not doing well police checked on me he would I'm okay. We even built in there this part about reaching out to somebody and reaching out to somebody you know who's going to be there to listen to you that you kind of thought about ahead of time this is a person I can trust this that person. That I love me and that I love. He just made that happen with a touch of a Biden. You know I appreciate what you said about having him made a suicide attempting chairing that openly with us it it's it's a big deal also want to say appreciate and to the listeners and honestly. When somebody tells you that. Tell them thank you for telling you that it's a big deal and we're backing up to thinking about citizen and a thigh it's what people don't. Always known and that most people don't know is that suicidal thoughts come as a form of escape so wanting to escape thing that's really uncomfortable so intense. Emotions. These are the same reasons we drink heavily or we eat over eat or we shoplift there also to things that people do. In order to manage intense emotions suicidal thoughts or one of them thinking about it way out. Actually helps people reduce their anxieties their intensity and emotions and it's not the most effective thing it doesn't it just doesn't work and. And and again if you have any questions at all when you were Chicago and I'm listening dot org let's talk to Troy in Pennsylvania Troy you. Are on I'm listening go ahead Troy welcome. So Larry Dillon but thank you run with doctor Ursula Whiteside. Who had trailer is here to do. I just I pretty much want to thank you for China light on the situation arm and a veteran myself so. I have experienced people yet the end. You know anxiety issue. And it just it sent me a lot that your people actually talk about that could put it up there he I get that sore subject. There are subject promotes. And you know what you're a dude I'm a dude you're a guy in the military it's awesome to hear your voice because you know what's guys who don't treat which Roy we don't talk about anything especially in that might make us look like more week or emotional. It doctor what have we talked about that is so great to hear men go look. Here's what's up 'cause we're all battling this but don't know overall bad things together it's like a brotherhood that doesn't know they're altogether in the same place. Right we we can't not talk about anymore like you know in terms of veterans and die at a higher rate of suicide. An almost that many peoples of the twenty veterans died de Frances I can. That the voices of the men that are actually gonna say hey you know it is is what happened to me this is how I got through it. That got through it part is so powerful other people who are in the middle of it. Troy thank you so much for letting us know about that seriously your your voice is powerful today thank you man. And thank you I guess that I mean it and the release which is serious situation and eat a lot of people need to realize you know it's okay to talk about. Pretty much what shine light on me was. I felt a lot better just after talking to somebody you find the right person might not be the first person in the second personal. The two talked to but you find the right person I talked to and it'll that would make an impact on me. Thank you try to appreciate that and he is the important thing is is obviously you know what will take as many calls we can today because we have a lot of people who wanna speak on this. And if you feel like you need help out you can please call the national suicide prevention lifeline at 180273. Talk that's 1802738255. I like recent a may not be the first person says that means you know you go to therapists you don't connect of that first therapist go to another therapist bucolic crisis fine era. How planners hope lines. And you don't connect with the first person call back or asked her to someone else aid doctor Wright that said to do that you know find that right that person the right person had a conversation in my. Our wind and sometimes at somebody who enter. The guy had to do that I did the first couple therapists in my life doctor Whiteside days it just wasn't the right fit if it and you know you don't think that. But like a lot of missile she'll spend more time shopping for a car but really. Shopping for that therapist that you get when you what you get the right one it's awesome mate in. He got it its job. Next ever gonna hear from LeRoy Butler now he's the former star to Green Bay Packers in the Roy play and 181 games earned a Super Bowl ring for Super Bowl 31 in notably the Roy is credited with. Inventing the Lambeau leap touchdown celebration. The Roy has become an advocate for helping pro athletes understand the injuries they face and he's been an outspoken about the effects of concussions and so again it also. A guy and it's great when men especially guys in sports guys are manly we'll talk about these things. And doctor white say I'd like to talk to you because concussions or brain injuries. I mean the studies have shown these to lead to other health conditions including depression. Right leaving tiny mathematics brain injury for a long time it's just Maher recently that we started understand what happens when people have served chronic head hits over and over again. Or CT he chronic and a dramatic in Cephalon for. Since a lot of the ads say that by times faster you go and but it would happens as it gets progressively worse there's a buildup of a protein your brain comptek town. And and people have a difficult time they have lit scenes in memory lapse in concentration difficulties. And as at this time we don't have a cure for it and it just seemed and that doesn't mean that the simpler pieces of it that set cannot be addressed so. If that means you can still get treatment for depression or learn how to management anxiety in the Strasser. Anger that comes along with having had on a number of head hits. Let's take a mode here this message from LeRoy Butler thanks Vijay. I tell you what my story would mental illness and suicide prevention. Is very personal so personal. This is the first time I've ever discussed it. A young man comes to me. He say he's in a lot of pain he had a situation at school did some young men and some young women. Made up a fake FaceBook post to say that he was gay. So we thought about suicide. He thought about going to this dark place. When he came in the pain. I honestly. Tell me more. He should know gases as I'm listening tell me more. Say mental illness is about someone listening to somebody else. So I would like to. Meet with you as much as possible. He says you can immediately meet cute you know and LeRoy Butler. Europe possible hall of fame learn all this Green Bay Packers SA listened. At this moment. That's not imported. Was imported. Don't listen to. Tell me more. This particular date he drives. Into a park. And he's about to end at all but something stopped him. What was that he's here with Stoutmire was. A few things that you said previously. About my Fam. I don't Almonte family to feel the pain and on film so he turned around. Went back. And got some help. Now I know every situation does not in this good. How we ever know if we don't says listen I'm not a quarter we're not quit on you I believe and you. I love you mental illness is real. And until the people who are not doing would realize. That Israel. Is gonna always be a problem. I'm listening. Take a minute. Save a life for more check out I'm listing dot org or call 1802738255. Marilyn Monroe Chester Bennington. NFL player gave Duracell and student Phoebe Prince Vincent fan go. This has been a small example of thousands of people from celebrities to musicians to our friends neighbors and families whose lives were lost to suicide. I'm listening. Visit our am listening dot org for resources into join the conversation. I'm listening dot org. I'm BJ Shea along with doctor Ursula Whiteside who is a licensed clinical psychologist CEO of now matters dot org and on clinical faculty at the University of Washington this is I'm listening. Coming up we hear from logic jackets and often bleachers Gary Allen. And if you want more information about our show resource you can use if you like to call and we have a number all one place I'm listening dot org. Doctor Whiteside. If if I wanna take a moment because I wanna discuss about having somebody in your life who is thinking about suicide. Things that we should be looking for what we need to help them. This was big in my life this is how it's impacted me because. Some years ago. My daughter had an ex boyfriend who we lost to suicide so here she is she's at the epicenter of the suicide because it was it really involved terror. I was the one had to call and teller she was away at school. I know FaceBook social networking I did not want her to find out about the somebody was very close to her life item wanted to find obvious emotional networking and that would happen. So I was the one that had to make that call it was one of those painful things I've ever done as I'm on the phone I can't be there with her and yet. I also didn't know what to say I wanted to make sure that I did the right thing and I didn't know what to do to be able to comfort her. If it is as well as myself just going I know I have to be the one they have to give this horrible horrible news. And I wanted to talk to borrow that all of that for people in the situation. Right that we are gonna have somebody in her life who loses some emphasis that's that's pretty much just a fact and Heidi beef there for that person as a really important question. When when somebody loses some justice and it it. There's six people were affected every time you really seriously affected every time someone dies crisis at and that experience is something that it does not go away and any lasting. What you can do is if you have if someone in your life is blossoming third really show up for them and economic about you know. His you're gonna have all this emotion about via what happened and the suicide itself. But it's about that person who just lost somebody and it's about pulling up alongside them being accident and you know showing up and hamburger at their house you know when they didn't asking us say you know they don't want to let you and you say put it back you know but I your door I am thinking about you and you know. But the things that we say can make it a big difference of you know people don't know what to phase of announcing anything at least in the wrong thing and net I think. If you can listening you can be there than that's that's the most important thing. And this this is a generational issue because. Obviously I think it Generation X. Generation Y. generations see. More more than willing to be more open. I have people in my life who are baby boomers and even from the Silent Generation. They can probably hear this show right now because this is all over the country and we've all been touched the people close to me have been touched by suicide. And they don't wanna talk about it and they even demonized the person that was lost to suicide and I've been privy to conversations with some very into the people my life and I'm being vague. Because they do not want me. To talk about it. And yet I've heard them demonize the person that we've lost to suicide and it's just nice I sit and think wow we're not a lot of talk or making a what we're basically making any somebody evil for beta having a mental health issue. What do we do to the folks that how can we say look we know how come we make this conversation happened for people. Who say don't and I will be mad that you if you Google which is really what my situation I can even name the people close to me that are involved because they be mad at me. Absolutely it can and honestly goes back to caring and we got training can earn about what to do with the motion. What to do an intense emotions come up and how to sit with somebody is going through something. That that world would be you know would be a different place and and I think that that judgment right that judgment of somebody who is having a hard time more or maybe there messing up you know because when somebody's really struggling. That I have a friend he says nobody suffers pretty right that you know when you are in in house. You know you not the best person in the era and a lot of times in. And now whole process than somebody. Who's around you are the people around you might judge you and that definitely makes the situation worse so we can cut that judgment and talk directly to the person as opposed to you about them. That would make a big difference. And again this is I'm listening if you have any questions at all if you wanna call and you wanna get resource is this web site's fantastic time listening dot org. And I'm BJ Shea along with doctor Ursula Whiteside and doctor Weiss that if somebody is thinking about suicide. What are the signs if it because we want to help our loved ones so we wanted to if we wanna be able to notice like okay. There are some signs where I'm seeing there may be mental health issues may be there even somebody who are is thinking of suicide. What can we be looking for and then once we know it's a science how can we be hopeful. Right it I'm so you know came a step back again to the fact that so many people are having that there's this giant giant distance between. Having by itself and then going on and acting on it. Adding what we need to know is that it's really not common with a few. He had a friend mr. press to his withdrawing who's who shows up or doesn't show up anymore whose drinking who do I used to be on social media that they're not anymore. That's a good time to just to reach out and just say hey I'm thinking about you or. You know send their ridiculous and mean or you know joke at their house you know show up their house and see what's going on and write them out so they're also testing that we call warning signs and the they're also things that just. Are fairly typical in in and then anybody's life so. You can't know you know it's some it's gonna kill themselves what you can do is be different show up in and do things like send carrying messages you know to people who. Are going through something you can tell from the outside oftentimes maybe it's a look at their eyes maybe there's a tetanus in their eyes you know. These are things to pay attention to doing your guys somebody's changed you know and then it there may be they're more irritable more their manes. Whatever it is but being in touch with what your friends are going through is important. Next up when I'm listening. Is jackets and off the lead singer for the band bleachers Jack also work with countless artists including Taylor Swift lord and he also played in the band fund. Jack has been very vocal about his struggles with a anxiety and depression and by the way you're gonna catch a theme here today I mean everybody that we talked to ever be you know that. They've experienced this. This is the wonderful thing we're all gonna realize oh wow. Wait a minute. That somebody who's successful and Jack is a success he put a bit called fun was. Yet he has been very vocal about his struggles anxiety depression and it began after the loss of two family members when he was young. In fact the bleachers song everybody lost somebody was inspired by his sister's death. Here's nick rivers of alternative buffalo with jackets and off. Jack you've been open about your struggles with depression. And how does this golf. We're scared of things that we don't know about and rom once you have information. There's power and information you know he you've talked about your panic attacks and you call them some of the most terrifying moments. Of your entire life for an Arizona real panic attack where you can only lose motor skills and I that I was having a stroke the first time I had one. You know that that the the connection between mind and body is so incredibly and intense. A lot a lot of times in the panic and anxiety becomes about having the panic and anxiety so it's less about what's triggered him more about when's it gonna happen again. But those are there crazy experiences crazy. What you're writing can feel like when your mind is not in any good place. But there's there's a stigma I don't know if it's an American thing or is just a human thing about. That there's a toughness to. And getting Syria who without any help and it's funny because it's actually the opposite. You knew you would never go mute you never sadism with cancer like be tough like don't get Keira. You know there's this sense it's like emotional issues like buck up deal with a yourself. But that's. That's a really. If you believe in science that's not really how works. Now they use evo to double that you talked about how does it how does that help you. Yeltsin manage anxiety and depression and and does help you to know that you're not alone these kinds of feelings. So to know that other you'll go through these things to hear their people's stories to connect on it pick setter. Is everything to me. It's it's the difference between me going to the hospital I feel a certain way or just saying there and being like this whole past this is normal. This the saddest part about it is it's really it's treatable. So it's only when people have. The lack of information or shame or lack of resources. That they really can get the better of them because all these things are treatable. You know anger backlash that we see these kind of things or people with their own mental health issues that don't have the resources zeal that do you think nowadays that society has more of tolerance for mental illness. I think most people in him and in America if you thing your out. Mental health issues or. Like him big topic right now is it is is trans or it's just literally are equal what is it you know like orifice like what is. Of a panic attack what is depression what is it anxiety do I have that I think it makes sense that come. In history it was less discussed because. There was less of a way out. But in two n.'s entertainer so much from drink options and if you're open about it but one thing I've noticed that being open is that. If you shouted for around music hey this is what's wrong of me. I think it's fears that Iran is a good move your Loma in truth everyone's like oh we do. Only due to the person you thought was the most together has the story were they were. Right on the brink you know it's it's really are and it I think. Ironically mental issues connect to swim or anything else jacket and off from bleachers with us today thank you so much for taking the timeout thanks for chat about this thing viewed you guys are talking about this. And I want to thank also nick rivers 'cause decorated made that interview happened thanks nick. I BJ Shea along with doctor Ursula Whiteside and this is I'm listening and I wanna think. You right now you're listening thank you because man this is what it's about you want more information about this program the resource is you can use. The number that you can call if you wanna participate today I am listening dot org that's the website I'm listening dot org. We have another person that's going to be on the program name is Kristen Carty if you don't know Kristen she's a podcaster and stand up comedian. She hosts a podcast called mentally chill of that name. Which. She co host it would he's with the YouTube and VH one star Stevie Ryan. Now Kristen herself as suffer with depression for fifteen years. But she's found some success. With the anti depressant effects are which is fantastic. Again man behavioral sciences and medicine has done such a great job for humanity and love that. Unfortunately though her immensely shall co host Stevie Ryan wasn't able to shake the demons of her depression and took her own life in July. Here's Megan Carter of not eap XY and Rochester in New York with Christen. About how your diagnosis came owl how your feelings of depression given out and what you did you go six so when I was not nineteen in my way to college I thought the world is gonna open not to be this amazing thing and it wasn't and all the sudden I found myself and Mike in deep deep depression bleak waking up in the morning to meet felt like doing hold jobs and then how can I go into a job after that when it took me that much energy just to get out of bed in the morning I arms finally found a really great guy who was like Jack you're depressants ski on medication ASAP so just hook. Work that I had to do it because it was the either. Get the lower N'sync lower or continue looking for help about the pod cast tell EST yeah and how you guys decided to make this podcast. I was doing my own podcast and the network we're on recommended Jersey got so she came on in her and I totally headed off we had a super similar perspective and then she would talk about her depression so openly and I was missing anyone else do that and so I return and I said we should do a depression podcast and she was super into it so that's talking to be we just lost Stevie this past July from suicide the first thing I saw I thought it was in reference to something at an answer Graham and I just kind of dismissed it and I got another. Message saying I'm sorry and I thought OK something is clearly going on and so. When I broke apple what would what are you sorry about what's happening I was getting really concerned. Ali solace the first like iced tea and I eight. I knew as soon as I shot at that she committed suicide he didn't see any signs or anything I need. It's one of those things where you see signs looking back on it. When you're in the moment you don't see signs because. She's so funny and so charismatic and so beautiful and so Smart. So many different things that you would never think that this is a person that can be that damaged a lot of people have great coping mechanisms I take it totally at least some good music here are some slack I would say the good news is that. Life. It was my now regretting a second later a short. That's a good news for anyone who is feeling suicidal or Sadr wants an accent just know that life is so short I think of the span of the universe in the mid day and millions into Julien of years it is old yeah. And then your short 75 years how much of a blip on the radar that says it might feel long to you but just wait it through and see what happens at such a good point your wrestle sister or her. First I would say of course. Thank you make a percent that up thank you Kristin as well and and it really is awesome Crist is carrying anonymously shall podcast. And and doctor white siamese. I mean that that that's amazing to me what what she's gone through and we. She's still rule along yeah I'm so grateful for the work that she's doing it and and I and I keep thinking about here is that sometimes people do these things that they wouldn't otherwise do it right. But there's this acute Billy and intense time period that people have when they're really really suits and a and that time period I think passes within 2448. Hours that people make a decision. When their in that moment when their releases this is tell people unite you can always tell yourself later. Right but let me wait awhile when he checked out and see you know this is pretty like this coming the most important decision on our make so you might as well wait and see how you feel later rent. And so I think that that piece is really important and then there's that the part about like I'm going to go and get myself how the minute take care of myself right now. He has apparently imminent moment. Right now work where this is decision I'm making. And what I wanna say is you know shuttered down right lake go to bed you know because your physiology coming out of whack I have slept on time maybe using substances. All of those things that don't make a decision right now. You know if you can hear that please remember that that's super duper important is it does it passes and that. A lot of people on. And got shorts and I wanna bring this up again in May be a couple times we will talk about this because you know when people think about going to a doctor. They that sometimes my experience has been I go to what doctor and you know what they don't know what I'm going through they they're very coldly go you know what all your arm is this way to go you know what if you thought I was going through May be and I think people. Might think about that whenever they hear about somebody who is a doctor in the world of psychology behavioral sciences. And they go what you don't know what I've been through and actually you if you have you you have said that you. We're thinking about suicide yourself which. I you know I don't know if that launched two into your career but your professional and those are talking about and you also have you've lived it. Break you you see that. You can't see this on the house that you cannot see it on the outside whenever somebody spend two or not. You know I didn't think I was getting into this career because I had had these experiences but you know I always kind of those those who so people there over there. And then when I went through some really intense things I I realized wow you know it you know this this can happen when the wrong things at that the public. Threatened to great series of things lined up you know your brain does things that you know you hadn't imagined it would do before. And then at and so yes you know and you weigh your provider may have had suicidal thoughts they may not be talking about it openly but statistically you know. Many health care providers have had this experience. We're now joined by Cheryl Stewart of 1011051. The buzz in Portland Oregon. And a doctor pub and so was sooty doctor some cities a psychiatrist and assistant chief of mental health for Kaiser Permanente northwest. And he currently Orson called senator supporting the mental health solutions team here's our conversation. Let's say someone is struggling was suicidal thoughts right now at this moment we. What are three things that they should do immediately. Well they shouldn't. Remove anything that they've been using or considering using to hurt themselves they can call the national suicide prevention lifeline that's available 24/7. You can talk to a family member. If they feel comfortable sharing that part of their life and they can talk to a medical professional talk to their doctor doesn't have to be a mental health professional if you see someone. That is having a change in their behavior for example they're isolating more they seem to be having more morbid thoughts were talking about death talking about there will. Giving away things using more alcohol or drugs in usual. Openly talking about suicidal thinking is a warning sign that this person can be handed down a dark path. Our and there are statistically proven and things that prevent suicide. Removing access to means meaning. If someone has guns or has stockpiles and medications he can absolutely prevent suicide in those situations. Even to the act of putting in guard rails or safety nets around bridges can save lives and another myth is that if we. Remove our means to one math and that someone automatically trying to find another method has not and not true. We can actually see people's lives. These events are impulsive they're. Often mean in the moment these decisions and if we can stop it and get them treated with a mental health professional. We can actually get them down a different path. You would help if we as a society. Changed the way we reported these high profile suicides or even changed when he thought about them. Absolutely if we think of suicide like any other medical condition we bring it into the spotlight and get people to treatment they need. Think of it just like cancer many people die from cancer for many people survived when that how the right treatment and the right. Team of medical professionals in terms of reporting we wanna avoid dramatic sizing them method of how someone died. And focusing on the struggle. It would be better to be a matter of fact about the medical condition that dispersant Itron. Rather than focusing on the epidemic or. The societal issues it's a much more widespread problem than most of us realize. Yeah there's actually more suicide deaths per year. Damn car accidents and HIV that's combined. Mourned the suicide deaths and homicide deaths. We're bringing mental health issues to the forefront in our conversation today. Tell us what Kaiser Permanente is doing to address mental health issues. Kaiser Permanente has made a program called find your words dot org invite. Us a country with mental illness to talk about their illness. And makes it easier to talk to each other and talk to their medical providers about what's been going on so they don't feel. Guilt or shame about talking about these issues and that brings hope. And that actually has been shown to reduce suicidal thinking when people are actively engaged and have their own voice. There's a short film at find your words dot a word and I guess ever watch it it's very moving and encourage you to watch it as well we've included find your words on our own website I'm listening dot org and doctors some say I cannot thank you enough for helping us. And the stigma of talking about mental help you've given us so much great information today pinky so much functional thanks for having me. And by the way I what you just heard in a lot of things you gonna here today you can get on the website I'm listening dot org it's really really it's it's a great great website will be lots great resources posted as our number if you wanna call us to participate in the program today. You know those long long labels or those forms that you get when you fill medication how all these details about the side effects cliche and you shouldn't do. Am I think that we need to add to those for OP on aids and for repented as a paint like adamant. We need at a label that says you know it. If you're gonna take this take a gun that he your column you know don't have easy act to stick and can people in there under these medications are on these medications that are for a paint. Whether for anxiety. He sometimes you think that they would never ever Q otherwise and so. That that knowing that that you might be different under under the influence of these. Could make a huge difference in planning and preparing so I wish that we would add that label and the other thing is like that 30% of suicides. And they were when people were under the influence of alcohol. These are really important things to know people do things again that they would not otherwise do and that's I think really important to remember. That you know you could make a decision in a very short period of time. And how to rebuild set acting how we set our house up so that that can't happen and we don't have big amount of pills we don't have easy access to it. So. Yeah and doctor Whiteside the one thing that really hit me with doctor soma city was the fact that he said that. That suicides. More prevalent than homicides and think about this homicides in any other crime. We we talk about there's no way some would say well we're not gonna have a conversation about that. And yet when it comes to suicide and mental health which is actually much more powerful in people's lives and homicides. We don't talk about that's that to meet duchess is ridiculous and that's what today's about. Yeah you're seeing in action stigma which is actually and a nicer way of saying discrimination right. It's a tenth leading cause of death in the United States is seven for men and second for adolescent. And yet we are we don't have the funds do the research that we need to we're making progress right but the national institutes of mental health and the CDC. There's dozens of these and health administration they need these dollars to make sure we can move faster we can get where we need. To go. And that's doctor Ursula Whiteside licensed clinical trial psychologist CEO now matters now dot org and clinical faculty appearance in Washington. And you could speak to her right now as a matter of fact our number is I'm listening dot org let's go to Alexis in Missouri Alexis thanks for being on I'm listening. I think you grabbing you and you've got docked to whites I hear is always talked about. I am I wanted to. Let people know that Aaron. It doesn't just affect older people I am eighteen years old. When I was seventeen. I it was self harming. And I finally. Opened my eyes a little bit more and saw that I was harming people around me Q by burning myself. And I went to my mom and I got help. And it was the the best decision I could ever have made. Again I would more felonies things we don't know that what we're going to impacts other people. And we we are so wrapped up NN Los and it and we don't know sometimes of people do you want help. And they can see my achy you know you don't wanna be a bird in or they're not gonna listen. And that comes back to making Sherry he'd keep preaching outer talking to be perfectly fine. The right person and I am so glad that you asked your mom and time actor about it. An issue is willing to listen. Yeah Alexis and I wanna thank you for calling in and also tell you how old you are because. We've talked about to start to Whiteside. The great thing about the younger generations is there much more open to conversations. About any subject and as a parent I mean. I always wanted to raise my kids to be a better generation and mine. And isn't I think it is that is that really key when you're a parent and your race your kill children. The rules it is to basically educate them on how they can talk about anything especially the painful things. It was it seems like maybe they're educating us could face yes you know they CS tonight wow that's really stupid and then hit the way that we that we think the statement that we have the fear that we have about Taki it talking about it. And yeah I think talking to your kids about emotions and you know what emotions do in that they motivate drag behavior that they communicate to other people. Those are really important things you do for four people coming up for them understand he here's here's how I can respond in the situation and my emotions are intense rate now but I can use those as opposed to my emissions using me. And Eric of course crack producers got this big sign in my face and this is a big stat suicide. Second leading cause of death ages fifteen to 34 years old that I again did not know that. Right so you know. The people who die by suicide are actually mostly. Older and their mostly white men. And and it adolescence they're they're attempting suicide more often and then older people. There are also not dying from things like cancer and heart disease and so that that naturally needs to the top. But when we think about kids killing himself it's it's so remarkable it is. You know almost impossible to believe that somebody could feel that intensely and in and leave this planet so early so. It he had tears to her for bringing that. And again I'm listening dot org great website resource also has our phone number I'm listening dot org let's go to Rachel in Rochester New York Rachel. You run I'm listening with doctor. Or slow Whiteside Emma self BJ Shea. Go ahead Rachel. Having leaked every morning we will catch you trying to talk about like how are they Matt I'm sure I'll. But people around you know loved me dearly but I'm thinking I had with my depression and anxiety the only didn't hundred he had. Because of the stigma. Oh I didn't try to break the big night is. Ask you educate then now. You Google search or look at short at strict action all. You wait you can't let you think a marine life should be educated yourself on what they're hearing. And I Rachel thank you so much for that that that bad as very very important stuff to talk about because doctor Whiteside I mean really is speaking right I mean just speaking. And talking to people. And in so much about doing your own research as well let me give going to credible web sites going and listening or in. And finding that information from the right place and that it makes a difference. And join the program now is Amy leaned you nor from the band Evan essence if she's the co-founder and lead vocalist as well. Amy's like many of us and you know what's the theme of today's show which is which is really a wonderful theme how we're all connected. She has been affected by loss. Depression and suicide. And here's Amy with her message. This is Amy Lee from adolescence. I mean people all the time and tell me that have been affected by depression. Abuse since science. And locks to psychopath. I think music gives a place where we Felix seat to be more open about her feelings and wanna connect and share and others. People want to talk about what they went June what they're going through the need to know they're not alone. I get asked for advice a lot from people who are suffering. Who feel trapped in Los alone and don't climb out of people who scars. And tears. And so much pain. It's so hard to know what to say. There's nowhere around at life is painful and scary on at the time. And sometimes it's beautiful. Unexpected. Full of love. I never feel like a southern thing. And do it feels like to hurt so bad inside the physically hurts. I know it feels like to lose someone. Community can never get them back. Suicide perpetuates the pain occurs and that people who have the most. We have to ask for help. You really are all in this together and we need each. You know what people are going in the tanks take care. I believe that the good Lancaster offered doesn't lead that we're here for a reason. And are not alone. I'm listening called the national suicide prevention lifeline at 1802738255. Our go to www. I'm listening dot pork. Great message from Amy Lee from Evan essence I'm BJ Shea along with doctor Ursula Whiteside and like Amy said this is I'm listening. And if you would like to share how suicide has impacted you. And really we'd love to hear from you wouldn't take as many calls we can we have a lot of folks that are Chiming in as well. With interviews that they've done for us but we would love to hear your story go to I'm listening dot org that's we get our studio number. You can also tweet a set I'm listening underscore org or use the hash tag I'm listening. And we also a doctor Ursula Whiteside is here from. The now matters now dot org clinical faculty of the university of Washington and and let's go to Chris in Massachusetts Chris are your and I'm listening go ahead. But there first stop on a thank you guys were talking about this topic it's very prevalent. And I really appreciate it. And dude thank you for calling conjured guy and you know the highest don't talk about anything so when you might hear guys calling in and participate. That's fantastic thank you Chris. My pleasure. So I'm I'm a nurse and might my passion news. Psychiatric nursing. And my older brother John 22 by the way. My all the others. 26 years old and he has been suckered from the OCD depression and most recently diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Which is like you know the act impulsively in this unstable relationships. As a result of his recklessness because of that. And so every time you go out and make a bad decision. His whole depression situation would escalate spiral out of control I just wanna make two point its forehead didn't punch in a work commitment not the way I. The first point is is all that the mental health patients being compliant with your medications don't mix mix with others. Don't you know. Failed doesn't work give some kind they take four to six weeks has had some effect some of home just be compliant with the net more importantly. More importantly this is the greater happ I truly believe. Talk about your feelings. Talk body killings. That people are closest to you that you bottle them up and you I believe yourself. And it's just the bottles got popped in you're gonna use something impulsively and stupid that you gonna regret it's gonna impact people. All all around you. The worst thing you can do is isolate yourself it's like throwing gasoline on fire you need to communicate. You need to seek therapy talk to the people that are are you putting in the efforts. Financially emotionally. Trying to support you because they truly do you care in my view and I tell every single mental health page the medical field. I have no idea what you don't throw. I know ideally ought to look at I don't suffer from what you're going through but I hate seeing people I had people close to me. They're going through something similar to what you're going through. And I empathize for you I put myself in your shoes. And I know it's serious matter and if you need to talk I'm here for you because it's not just the physically ill it's the mentally ill as a holistic health shouldn't. All the nurses that are practiced and right now it has trauma informed care it's not about treating the physical symptoms it's about treating the man who can instill. Thinking some decorous thank you on to it thanks for calling in Burma right free had to punch in the work thanks very much a big deal here because you know what if your brother's really lucky that he has the and then at the same time you really acknowledge it you don't get a you know. He did you do in your best to understand and see things from his perspective it. It can be almost impossible to understand as I think it's really important to trust that. Whatever they're going through that that the the pain or than dysfunctional behavior that people are examining. That's not something they want to be doing they absolutely wished things were different in and they just don't know how to make things different than they aren't so. You know continuing it tonight judge that her sending him to stave either side and not not to say that you you know let them. You know. The U pursue your money or anything like that but that that you consistently here giving this message of like I care about you and you know we're gonna get through this and that makes a huge difference I'm glad you. I'm glad he Acxiom. This is I'm listening addressing the stigma of talking about mental health and raising awareness for suicide prevention. Very very important if you want any information go to I'm listening dot org. I'm listening raising awareness for suicide prevention and addressing the stigma surrounding mental health LBJ she day. And you just joining us yes this is I'm listening with me doctor Ursula Whiteside and she's clinical psychologist CEO now matters now dot org. Clinical faculty at the university of Washington and also Ursula you also know what it's like to feel suicidal and have those the. Let's get that this is something I talk openly about because I think you know people who have leadership roles are doing a different from the professional situations. When they talk about it it it it's it's making it easier for other people's and that's a very intentional decision and I know a number of people who were intentionally talking about. On the way James Arthur Halsey Chris nova Seles from her vomit and more and anytime you want any info you wanna know what the meant mental health you wanna know about suicide prevention. While he had to do was visit our website I'm listening dot org that's going to be up well after what we do this program today so lots of great resources there. Check it out it's really it's really great site I'm listening dot org also some of the interviews that you're here today if you miss some of them or didn't it they're they're up there as well. I'm listening dot org let's go to Michelle in North Carolina Michelle you're on I'm listening with doctor Whiteside. Hello how are you and we're good guys your hand. Thank you yeah I had called. It really strikes home with me and Philip and every one. My brother committed suicide in 2000 and handed them. And at the time that he committed to attack yelled and took the license of his life at that time so it was them a murder senate dining. It was you know the traumatic event are and link isn't completely. Yeah. It changed the whole dynamic of our family I would say that it you know they're still recovering from that. And uplifting do you say that is so important talk about it when it first happened. You know I've I withdrew into myself and I gala. You know agreed to my brother and then I was ashamed of what had happened and you know that also bring them up a whole other. Dynamic that. I don't think he'd realize until your on that thought of that and then you know when when someone in your and the and that. Crime you know you don't don't like to have the right to grease board in the end you know he talked about about what they did but yet. You know and they're that I'm dynamic they're all band. So I can take you yeah it is and you just take you know rather although because. My thing did not start researching and so like. You know immediately. You know well not immediately but you know. As time progressed that. Are looking into how many deaths per year you know. Richard Reid has attitude and Trenton engine you know tennis and that any kind of led me into working into the that killed. At the time that it happened I was teaching. You know first and second grade but. I'll now work in residential treatment facility as a teacher. Because you know other Monday complaint combat at end. What I find interesting although we didn't have a traumatic childhood actually a lot of similarities between children. That we see in our facilities. You know it's my brother he he had learning disability ET you know. There are a lot of factors that you know laid up to that but I would definitely. Have to get the message across that you know don't give up part of somebody. Yes and you asking for help. Michelle I I I greatly appreciate that does that that that's what that is about today. Great EE a mentioned in that color before mentioned that there that trauma has something to do with that the that this early childhood experience and things really. Don't go well can have long lasting effects and ending beating us something about that. Yeah. It's so true we when you talk with a long lasting affects of that because. Me you know their. There are many things it can happen and Mike this is thing that I heard about and I was very concerned with which was a thing called the war there effect because with my daughter. From one of the things that I was worried about is that because she was so close to the epicenter. Of the ex are ex boyfriend who we lost to suicide Amaechi was right there she was really involved to the point where. She felt some guilt for him being lost to suicide and the weather effect of course copycat suicides. And this also is brought to light by our colleagues at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention which is a great organization as well we can give you lots of great info. I'm they did the Kurt Cobain study and here in Seattle of course you know a very impact full situation with current being lost to suicide. And so this copycat suicide where the effect is that both media coverage and crisis centers. Played in an interval role in reducing the weather affect us a beautiful thing is that it can be reduced so that we don't have this and I'd like to have you talk more about that because I was very afraid that the copycat effect would impact my life because. Otter. It just goes to show how powerful the way we talk about suicide as they. That were there affect the name comes from a book from the late seventeen hundreds compass sirens of the young were there at the end of the book the young man kills himself with a gun and am I went there is thought to be was an increase in suicides and Marianne and among those who read the book until that talent got its name. Am making is there's something to this as some of us really deeply affected by eight people that we look up to. You know by what they do and when they show us that yes suicide is this is option. People a certain thing about who is heading in different way. And and then then the opposite happens as well you know when will we get stories of hoping when Amy out sensationalized suicide. You know then there's this opportunity for people who may be struggling already added to reach out and ask for help maybe they had known that there was a way to go about doing this by. You know if you if you feel really connected to somebody and they die by suicide. It does increase your risk of of suicide but it means that also you know reaching out for somebody just to talk to there's a real opportunity to act for things to get different. And this is the perfect opportunity to introduce our next guest he was part of the biggest band of the ninety's he's in the rock and roll hall of fame. He's the towering man who stood next to Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. And of course is talking about Chris nova cell which we are extremely fortunate to hear from Chris because he does not give very many interviews. And here's what I would consider. A very heartfelt message for all of us hello my name is Chris numbers so much you may know me from my days playing on Nirvana records. In 1994. We lost Kurt Cobain to suicide. Many people are suicidal lost survivors. These are the families friends and even Dan meets who have lost someone to suicide. Mourning the loss of a loved one who took to normal life can be confusing. Through Spain. Anger guilt. A jumble of emotions that one deals worth when surviving eight loss of suicide. I don't want anyone to go through this hero the risk factors that could lead he loved ones to suicide. Experts tell us depression. Substance abuse any family history of suicide. Are some of the doctors that can lead one to take their own life. We need to pay attention to all risk factors. And here's what I wanna point to being exposed. To other suicidal behavior such that a family members years. Or celebrities. For lack of a better term this could be referred to as a copycat situation. It's hard enough to lose great musicians who suicides. That dance could also think about ending their own lives is just too much. If you are feeling bad in losing hope. We don't forget that every musician is a music fan themselves. Every one. We are all in this together. You're not alone and I'm listening. There are people who can help you. There's a lot of great music out there and discover as I had the great man in musician or both. There is a lot to live for. The tragedy of a suicide lost survivor is all of the love for the person who took their own life. Is still there that love was always there and it shows that suicide is really a waste. Don't do it. There is hope. There's hope reveals itself. And is as simple as everytime you turn out the music. That was Chris knows so much and thank you so much Chris doctor Whiteside why is the language we use around suicide so important. Well lit and actually impacts things like health Hulk helped seeking. You know as I think that people are gonna judge me if they think if I talk about this it's a cry for help I'm not reach out and ask for help because. You know what does that mean about me and so I think you know changing her language from committed suicide two died of suicide those subtle things make a big difference. Next up we're gonna hear from Halsey hauls his latest song is bad at love and it's from realm hope was fountain kingdom. She's very outspoken about her own struggles of bipolar disorder as a matter fact hall's he's been quite open about attempting suicide when she was seventeen and here's hauls his message. Hi guys and Ozzie saint Charles I wish I struggled with the ups and downs and until next. To lowest valleys and nice piece. I remember countless nights restaurant I was crying out of my skin and mornings where we start anyway got. In the darkest hearts I spent some time in psychiatric care facility. There's a lot of other people like me bear but I still felt a lot. I never did it in my mother actually from the hospital. Remember there didn't he says something shaved areas had far from the gas station candy count. I remember turning on the radio and hearing first piece of music Saturday and we see. Jose imagine Jai can sound. I started the housing project shortly after. He had no idea how are seeing are kind of torn from all over there. Every night from backstage and then using tackling your columns and as a reminder. And I get back music's beats and words fail you have a favorite musicians they didn't care about me. There was never alone because I was always in the country singers and artists tell a story actually my. Mental health isn't a destination. He never just arrived and even better thanks Jerry in class your entire life and our cars cars caring constantly. I saw a bad taste in my still tend to music and other workers. Congress issue is getting louder but we still need to speak to talk to your friends and talk to your peers about and how. It is not something to be shamed us. You are strong. You are capable you are on your journey. Let music be the soundtrack to your victory. Whether he's had sounded easy is it tears out on a bad night for how he won the match is on the vibrant colors in the days where you win. Remember that every battle helps you in the war in every soldier need to battle cry let music yes. Kurt Cobain Don Cornelius. Vince Foster student Ryan alligator in the Dick Trickle. Tommy page. This has been a small example of thousands of people from celebrities to musicians to our friends neighbors and families whose lives were lost to suicide. There is hell I'm listening visit our am listening dot org for resources into join the conversation. I'm listening dot org. Such a beautiful message from Halsey using music as her expression during the darkest days. I BJ Shea along with doctor Ursula Whiteside. And I'm listening dot org if you wanna participate in the conversation we have a number there if you wanna hear some of these interviews again or even some that you might have missed if you just joined us. I'm listening dot org. And today. Here's what we're doing the big thing the only thing we're talking about how suicide affects our entire community. What the warning signs are how we can intervene if we think someone may be suicidal and what we can do to prevent suicide in the first place. Our next guest is doctor Christine mu DA and she is the chief medical officer of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. She's testified for the US congress on suicide prevention. She was the host of AF SP's latest documentary on surviving suicide loss is called the journey and it's terrific if you haven't seen it. She's appeared as an expert in the New York Times the Washington Post time magazine the economist the Atlantic. The BBC CNN and other print and television outlets and it's it's a real great honor to have you want to Christine welcome. All right speed it's really my pleasure to be part of that. So Christine when you talk about why you got involved you said this impacted you and I think. With a subject like suicide you need the science you also need the empathy. What gave you the ability what impact did you that you set I must do this this must be what my life's work he has. You know BJ it turned out bad experiences with changes in mental health. All the way to Ukraine don't eat and feeling suicidal ourselves so common and the more that you can start talking about the reality of all this and lumber hold Jeter from other people who connect with the on such an incredible level. And it's it turned out that it's incredibly freeing them to be able to talk about the opening match in a way that the evidence abate but without the stigma. And that allows people to to link up would help if it's hopeful message. So part of my own story without actually locked physician colleague particular item that was one of the things that. Really got me interest didn't you attack prevention. And that is the challenge you talk about a stigma Christine because the fact that. With suicide. We have no idea just how much it touches people's lives because the fact nobody talks about it yet anecdotally. I feel like I had just as much. Of that touched my life as any other disease. And if it's as ubiquitous as I believe it is and no one can talk about a Christine that's the first step I would get people lose to realize. This is a common problem and it's not limited to any specific gender ethnicity. That is so great and yet I think the culture is changing all around the topic of mental health if you notice of that. Under the program right now is it prime example of how. People regardless and there are at their place in life and really coming out and expressing the reality of what has gone on. On with their own experiences with mental health or with a lot to do it I'd. Mired in addition the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention had conducted the Harris poll recently. That showed that attitudes towards mental health of our opening up tremendously. And again and the more we talk about the illegal that are informed and helping an open with a truthful message of hope and the more we allow others it's. To get help that they need and an open up about it. And Christine you brought up the idea that also affect some celebrities and recently. We've lost a couple of our greats two. Suicide and that would be Chris Cornell and then Chester Bennington. The suicide rate increase when you have celebrities that are lost to suicide. Even at that appear but certainly a celebrity's. And I think you'll find. It absolutely can impact. Others and it can impact the risk as have others. And at what we know that is really what I'm well studied in in the scientific field. It act after a person die attitude like it's all about the lady. That. The vulnerable people in the population around them are exposed to lead a pitching for example in the case this Kurt cobain's suicide death. There was a very strong message around the mental health. I'm hopeful that he just helped seeking and the hotline and now health clinic in the area in your area. Actually had a had a a major influx of people calling and and we're actually looking at right now. I'm following logic is 1800 songs that it was a hotline senior at an increased it by about 50% in volume of calls and I think that's actually good things. I'm wondering how much of a part does in fact you know when somebody is lost to suicide but there's also been self medication involved. How close is that tie. It's well known in in the food tirade I researcher arena that substance abuse and especially when when addiction and or even just use that thought entered our our escalating. And leave it there is also a mental health conditions present I'm beside me addiction so for example of somebody has. A clinical depression or bipolar disorder because you don't see. Or other and general medical conditions as well not just a little hot conditions it's going to. When you see you mixed up sometimes into the picture or there's an increase in ineptitude or news substances being added into the mixture. That is absolutely unknown kind of what are the warning signs actually that that person's risk meet the increasing its very much. Intricately involved into the tight grip of the. Christi last week your organization held an event at the Arlington national cemetery to honor veterans active military first responders lost to suicide. And with all the brave men and women that serve our country I think it's important for all of us to see and realize the connection. With posttraumatic stress disorder PT EST and of course people that are lost to suicide I I don't think enough of us realized how connected that is. Absolutely you know we have an image that if a person is strong. Is accomplished or or whatever that you're stereotype is that's. That somehow they'll be immune. From a mental health problems PK UST or a suicide. And the reality is that every single human being is exactly that we're human. And we all have our physical health so we all have our mental health. And helpful can change intend on have sort of an adult slow trek over time and we are all all acceptable to those challenges. And and can also frankly become really Smart about what our strengths are and how we cope with the what those what those kind of vulnerable on trigger point for a are actually one of the things to keep in mind with our. Veterans that are active duty service members but. It really is applied to. I'm anyone in the population. If that kind of life transitions. Are 88 particular point in time. But pay attention to for people who have those kind of underlying risk factors for suicide is a win there is. A transition from active duty service to becoming a veteran when they're coming on back from a deployment back and look at what their family. And they might even be very happy point I think like the birth of the child or getting married does a wonderful event and yet they are really like changing a significant transition. That we need to kind of understand that when that's happening and again not for anyone and everyone but for those of us who are experiencing. Some vulnerability already. And that that can be a point of real vulnerability first he would agree to occur. We really can become so much smarter at how I teach it like you're staying at that it's a behavioral science but it's really translating that everyone has the knowledge of how to work and what to do. When I talk like doctor Christine create the chief medical officer at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention you wanna learn more it's simple. I'm listening dot org again thanks to Christie for being with us today. Simple as that I'm listening dot org and that's where you get all sorts of great information great resources. Some of the interviews that you may have missed or if you wanna hear again. Re create content. They can be very helpful to the I'm listening dot org also with me doctor Ursula Whiteside licensed clinical psychologist CEO now matters now dot org. Clinical faculty at the University of Washington so. That's all of the credible stuff to say that she knows what she's talking about. Then from the experiential side you know what someone is thinking of who as has the mental health issues who's thought about suicide you do know because you've lived it yourself. I have it to myself in these really important to say you know. If that's PF a sepia or their American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and a lot of research. And and some of the research it's coming out as we know we know that there are two clear things that prevent suicide. And you might be surprised at what they are the first line is reducing access TU lethal means we talked a little bit about that. You know 50% of people who died by suicide they die by gun so. It's not that it's not see it it it's about the gun safety more than anything it's not gun control let's not even on the table it's about then safety and and how do you keep your yourself and your family members say it's that the first thing in the and the second thing is. This is actually kind of mind boggling but the other thing that's been shown to prevent suicide is something called caring messages where basically you send. A message to somebody letting them know that you're thinking about them without any judgment and without any demands and so if my friend has been going to therapy and at and not taking their meant McCain message to them is not have even taking your Mets. McCain message to them is hey you know I really miss you and them I'm. I eat you know can we go out then that today nursing and or. You know not even asking for anything at all just descending like I said before sending a little message and you know maybe reminding them positive memory that you had. And oh by the way hear her say AF SPF the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Dot to mediate and the video of the journey it's it's a great documentary. Which you can see on their website it's beautifully shows you that. Suicide hits. All walks of life all ethnicities all income levels are all ages. Yet if this people have a program on their website called taxi flies if you wanna go and learn more about how to understand tot people house's side it's great place to go. We got more from Gary Allen logic and David Freeman from disturb coming up soon let's take another call we've got Sarah in Kansas. Serrie here on I'm listening with doctor Whiteside go ahead Sarah. Play out and I actually bust my brother about pioneers littered the inside. Mile behind. Or twice and had two year old daughter. I ain't. Into doing everything he. Can do you don't really. It's really changed our allies the allies. My in my camera and I am definitely struggled a patch I veered between each year gets a little bit each year it. Billion unlike air on the days that meant he databases and I hate you even look at that date I can't like you reached your early days it is he did and I just. Well for whom played well homes that they mentioned the memory hanging in it it's really tired but my ceiling and I ain't. Had heard about Americans have our nation this is that prevention. And we went to a first block. I think you're he passed away which is 2000. And then my parents immediately. Young right into the organization took over the following a walk and next year's day. Well the one if you order a part of the AM that keyboard if you went to congress can I talk to them about about inside them and try to open their eyes about it. You can't. And it is fantastic there and and I hope Sarah I hope your feeling the one thing we haven't really mentioned that. I hope your feeling the love because everybody who's calling in everybody who's listening serie I'm sure you've heard as well. A lot of people telling very similar stories and his is is yours is being near being real being authentic I hope you're feeling that there is a lot of love because man. I I know what it's like to feel how you're feeling now like that is amidst all went it was his hug you and boy would that be awesome if we all knew that. That people would wanna do that for us when we feel the way we feel because we don't feel like anyway nobody wanna be around us let loans and would love us and that's so and and one gives because of sir thank you so much for calling. Do we have to have one more when you think we do Erica all right god bless you gonna go there let's go to Chris in Missouri Chris you're on I'm listening with doctor Whiteside go ahead. Yes sir you have solemn and US army. Disabled combat veteran. And I just want talk about little bit about this stigma especially it's unfortunate which your readership. They have what they have programs and here. You know they have they have aids car which you know as its policy to help soldiers. Deal to confront people that are showing signs. But a lot people aboard all that stuff and some of us like myself which I'll be honest do you all have learned a and two BR hide it. Very well so it's not suggests. That depression. It's not. Say closing yourself off but that anger Christian leader in which can be true to its extreme anxiety which can lead to extreme depression. I suffer from everyday Christa and I asked I was actually diagnosed with major depressive disorder what peachy ST. And Chris I think has to be helpful 'cause you said you like to hide it. And you know you know what what could someone have said to you now that you know you guys know what could someone do to draw that out of view. That that because that would be really really helpful you know because obviously we would love to help you but if you're a guy that likes to hide. What would you tell somebody. To say to somebody who likes to hide it like he says what would you say it would work for you. These are the ages. Few minutes ago about caring Massachusetts. That's huge huge thing I'd change is is just not not just. You don't even like it's AG's units on just every day justice noble to somebody. Say hi how are you doing I mean that alone. You don't does wonders my wife on the hard double lesser issues. Really really been very helpful you know everyday she always told me what occurred about our am a good man I am you know all match was remiss of me green. There's right now on the security detail which are actually physically carrying a weapon. On the seat and I'm always a mile wide so we don't we keeping contact each other. And you know we just I mean she's just been it's hurled an astronomical term. Chris thank you for saying that that that that I mean that I appreciate the call that's tremendous and of course you talked about a four to untoward side I carry messages that that is wonderful thank you so much. Again this is I'm listening you want more info I'm listening dot org. Michael hutchins US marine hearing Lou Tony Scott Donny Hathaway Gary Webb. This is but a small example of thousands of people from celebrities to musicians who are friends neighbors and families whose lives were lost to suicide. There is hell. I'm listening. Visit our am listening dot org for resources into join the conversation. I'm listening dot org. Our next guest is country star Gary Allen as success no stranger to Gary. Here's a few highlights of his great career and ninth studio and greatest hits albums 26 singles in the billboard hot country songs chart including four number ones. Sadly in 2004 Gary's wife Angela died by suicide. We were honored that doctor Ursula Whiteside spent some time with Gary and me on the phone this week Gary thanks so much for being with us today I appreciated my pleasure that could help Gary we've been asking is stuck to a lot of folks and it's a good way for people just to get to know you that may not know you. And that is like a lot of a suicide has had an impact how is it had an impact on you. It's indirectly in my life. My my ex wife she committed suicide. In 04. And we had six kids and we had a really great life. End. Yeah with with depression and end on medications. One yeah one day it was just over. Doctor Whiteside when you hear Gary talk about this has who have all day long what is something that comes up for you that you think is it is is. Is something good to talk about in these situations. And I packed a lot of people who block committee that died and what they say that it's not something that you get older but. They do begin to heal and so scared when he if you could talk a little bit about some of the things that how do you want to know. You know I think that's one of the hardest things that happens to you because. There's so much guilt that comes along with that calm weather whether it's true or not. And I think again and being your own self advocate I I memory even years after. Trying to think of can you even go out again or ask somebody and in and wins too soon and end. And because you wanna start this healing process and remember my brother turning around Meehan and does saying. Then you're not accountable to anybody like you have been through so much. I mean that's something that people don't you know when I realized that the when somebody leaves when somebody dies by suicide. That the people who are left their risk for depression and Eric for anxiety is very even are still that I increased as. You're not only on the path happening all over and in that education happy. The people know that that's part of it can make a big difference. I agree and you know I had six kids to that also had a lot of gilts in it and you know there Digisette small little minds that that that couldn't grasp it and I know I didn't wanna go to counseling but I've I've I've forced my kids go to counseling and and we end we did it every week in and turned over every. You know every emotion that you could end. Just. Just doing that I swear that was a gift to them because everybody can talk about an end and that's the reason I can get on here and talk about it and not absolutely breakdown. Is I have thought about it all talked about at all and in song ready even even went way beyond. Therapy for that for me as far as just obsessing out all the feelings and come into good place to. With Gary Allen and also with the start to Whiteside yeah I think that other thing that chair hearing that. When people know somebody who blocked them and at this site so our friend but we've locked limited effect he don't know what can fake. Morning Gary or anything that you found more helpful or less helpful that people that are dead aren't after you actually. Who you know I definitely remember the awkwardness of people not knowing what to say and I remember people going out of the way not to talk to me because they didn't know what to say. Com and I don't think there is erecting disable I think that the the right thing to do is just let him know that your there. And in any anything you can do. It's. It's a really odd place to be. I remember Trace Adkins and other country guy singer. Had he he would he'd bought my house like a month's worth of food with caterers. And I remember just the burden of somebody taking that away from you have to figure out how is gonna feed six people everyday in the middle of this was was such a big deal so any little thing you can do comfort them. I'm wondering if there are things that you think is the health care providers could have done differently whether that be education and it war. I indirectly about suicide in helping them do other things and the things that come to mind. You know fight he had hindsight stony Tony so if I had a do over when they first started to prescribe her hard drugs in the end. The drugs that were going to. The anti depressant drugs. Com. And again this all goes back to being your own advocate you know when somebody prescribe you something that has the same thing happened to me with other medical situations involving cancer. Swear I felt like if I would have been a better advocate of that person and did my own research we would have been a better place and and double was no different. I think I think the only the only card there really was a blind side is we never talked about suicide slightly realized that was an option was on the table. We're finding battling people have prescriptions. Are for anxiety and or pain like OPI. That they do things that they would never otherwise it'll. And though there need to be almost a warning label with the kind of medication says. You know let the person that increased risk because they're taking medication. And we want you to face. Make your house safe in case this person you know that's something they normally when you give the lock up action that medication lock up guns but I have made an impact. Oh he used that would have saved a life yet you definitely after the Euro and ads can look at what they're giving you look up to look up the warning signs. On an if somebody's of that down make she get there had a little bit and and make sure that that's not an option and and that they know they know that your there for them Gary that's really good point you know like what I've noticed it and I and I wonder if you notice is yourself. As a guy. You know guys what it's hard to get them to go to a physical doctor about their physical body. And with what you've experienced in whatever close friendships you have. How do you approach somebody who you know was indicted he just we don't talk a lot we're not supposed to talk about these a lot in yet we do want a race that stigma around talking about mental health. Do you have a way that used to that works for you where you can actually cut through and and help them get where you know the help they need. Going your instincts if you think somebody's really in trouble take a bigger step 'cause. The guilt that comes along with not taken that extra step for them will be much greater than if you would just squared him opens today. I don't think you're right right now and in let's talk about this. And Gary as a parent how did you approach that and it and how are things going for you currently with with how indeed you were interacting with your children today. They're going as a family. To talk about that was was priceless I had kids from five to I think twelve at that time and the amount that they got from that I'm I'm positive that if I wouldn't of got them in to talk to somebody. And was consistent about it. We would've had a lot a lot more problems and we did so. You need to get it do you need to get to as to professional and understand you're about to go through some. That it's bigger than you and and even if you're in the middle of it you know. Contemplating suicide under under understand that that is bigger than you also and and it's a temporary problem you can you know life gets better. Gary thank you thank you so much for being with us we really do appreciate it not pleasure thank you. Gary's story man I mean it's heartbreaking but man is that message of hope. Great reminder that suicide is a public health issue I mean that is key. Public health issue we are so much about making sure we're all healthy and we want to make everybody healthy. Putting suicide in that particular group saying it's a public health issue. That is fantastic and if you're looking for treatment or resources check out our website I'm listening dot org now before we spent some time and our next guess logic. Got a message from Allison changes William Duvall now if you're not familiar and Alice in Chains Williams he joined the band in 2009. Several years after the death of original lead singer Layne Staley who struggles with depression were well documented. Hi this is William from Alice in Chains did you know that in the United States more people die by suicide each year and by homicide. That's 50% more. Suicides are ax mediated by mental health problems hopelessness. Received burdens goodness and desperation. I'm listening. So someone at 180273. Talk. It's 1802738255. Now a lot of folks know this next guy logic but if you're like me and you around you know before the invention of fire in my prime you might not know a whole lot about logic. He's the one that turned to suicide prevention lifeline into an anthem the song 1802738255. Is featured on his album everybody which debuted at number one in May and also he really had an amazing appearance at the via amazed this year. And like a lot of stories you've heard logic hasn't had the easiest road to stardom. Any often address is this and his music. And everybody covers a lot of hard hitting issues I mean god this is amazing racial identity politics religion mental health. And Janet Snyder odd you know urgent agenda Snyder of kiss 95 in buffalo. She caught up with logic on a one of his tour dates here's your conversation. Glad you thanks for joining us on I'm listening you've talked about your mom being diagnosed as bipolar when you were growing up. How did this test to tell me about the relationship do you have with her now my mother is an in my life and the reason she is and in my life is because. That's just the way the cards we're dealt for me well my mother didn't in my mind is likely irreversible. And in many ways I'm glad that once again that these are the club cards I was dealt because I'm blessed enough to stand here. Our sit here today. And discuss these things to hopefully help other people but like you getting the balance yourself tend to my tattoo balance yourself words inspired by him a life and a schedule that was awry. So basically. You know all I was doing was just working working working and I think they're really comes down to the fact of being scared. I was losing everything. And so I just scared that if I turned down an opportunity because I'm too tired or because I really need to rest I would be scared that maybe I'll never get that opportunity again. But what I have to realize is is I am. Special and I am important and I am a voice that was not only missing from my life as a child. But is missing from so many aspects of entertainment and media today. And no I'm not gonna lose I'm not gonna miss out and and once they realize this it's like OK everything is going to be OK you're still gonna work hard. But you have to take time yourself. I have to be happy as a husband has us as a friend as a musician as an entertainer first and myself. Not selfishly. Because he had that's just what I need is what we need is human beings I have to be happy and healthy. Or I can't tell others what. Porsche who inspired you to write your song 1800 so I first got the idea for 1800 I think just inception it's in my mind to a couple of years ago when I release my second album incredible she story. And I went to fans homes and spend time with Dan and their families. But the biggest thing. Did they would tell me is they were like you your music is great I love your music I love you give me something to enjoy and listen to and that's cool. Dylan but it's your message it's when you're spreading his sake that's fifteen men like. You know. Makes me feel great or connect he had spent a lot of people were like yo you know you save my life. And then I really thought about it and thought about it thought about it and I'd ask ourselves like man if I see your life. But I was even trying could you imagine hopefully impossibly all the people that I could affect. If I actually tried and I meet tire problem because this album is so much more than just a suicide unity mean isn't there on this on this one song. You know and mental health awareness it's about anxiety sexism you know classes and being black white every color in between. You know gay straight Christian Muslim. They truly the fight for equality of every man woman and child regardless of race religion color or creed is sexual orientation. And it's that knowledge of that understanding. Of a message. Then I can have to not push to people but merely provide for those who are willing to you homeland in the year. Deaths might we keeps me going to do now that's where it makes me wanna make music we're featuring the video 1800 on our website I'm listening to our board. Including an behind so any kinds of director 1800. We both had the same idea that's the really crazy thing. I wanted to be a kid in school I wanted to be black and I wanted to BJ. Because I feel like those are like the most insane. And lives that are leaving in this country let alone a young black man. My young gay man. An Ace Young man or you know Mae and obviously it's not just men it can be a man or woman anybody's going to this bridge is a young person. In America dealing with all these people like you take all three of those things and it's like. Day out you know like people really are going to realize and it's no wonder why you know. People start taking their lives because it did in the same things that go on the dead is just so scary and so many people aren't talking about it that's why I wanted to discuss it. And I think Cheney did an amazing job what would you say to somebody listening right now. And might be struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts I think anybody that can be listening right now. Something that I can say to them that's that can be going to miss having these thoughts is. Whatever is going on. Whether it's sexual abuse or trouble at work the fact that they don't have any money they feel like there's nothing there minus thinking about that change and I can't do this I can't do this right can have their sir I wish I could I wish I wish I wished. And their whole mind is just completely just thrown into thinking about just staying to the point where they don't even wanna think about it anymore. They don't when a deal with it anymore and it seems like the best option however. If I had given up at any of the lowest points in my life. I would have never seen this day and I was at such a dark place that I couldn't see this right. And that that's the thing that I can see light at the end of the tunnel and most don't so my advice is. Don't give up because you have not decided yet to live your life. If you persevere and you continue. Things will get better it's just a fact scars heal you know what does it mean to you. Everyone's coming together today to talk about mental health I think that it's amazing that these people. And so many more are coming together to talk about missiles. Not only today aimed at people they do it every day the people that discuss this wherever they go. So for those today that are discussing it thank you thank you for using your voice and spreading and on this specific day because it is important and it does spread awareness and I think it's. Kick ass they think is superdome. And I applaud them and yeah I hope they keep in us. I I I cannot believe logic is only 27 years old. Mon Corey Stewart Nolan gold. And notable collaborators. Alessio Kyra and I tell him man it is it's amazing check that out and also co lead that was involved with that and speaking of co lead. He's on the phone with us right now he's his tour stop in New Jersey and could lead I'm BJ Shea along with Doug doctor Ursula Whiteside thank you so much for being with us today. Problem. So it could lead we're just talking about what a great video what a great song 1802738255. Prism and video is huge is ridiculously. It just it's it's just so heartfelt so amazing a great story. How did you get involved and what kind of ripple effect have you seen because of this. So Lasik. They're really good friend of mine actually he's one of the nicest I've ever met. All of them but all of a month whether to get followed each other met each other hunger out I played by album before it came out. Could mean is out. And he plays meet this track he tells me you know the name that is 1800. And it hit me it definitely super emotional and yes if I want to be a part of it and I stood up arms against of course. Just a fact that someone. Especially this day and age and stand up and be an advocate of the so called it's necessary it's needed we needed right now. And I'm glad it was him to do. Eight so one of the things that we what are the connect your music and hearing you speak we see that musicians have like really powerful emotions and we see the richness nice on adding that the your music and wondering you know. How do you harness that his emotions can go to QA is right they can be devastating. And they can be uplifting and you know what so for you how these emotions to propel your music forward. I mean I've heard Reich. My music and that's not just in the present system myself but my plan on my friend got go through it. And so I think the songs to Oakmont and and get to put everything going to see some not correct. I'm supposed to do. Given this gift as given is bliss to help others and I love evoking emotions. Specially performing seeing how are people can relate to beat three minutes of the saw. And it reminds him of everything in their lack I think that's crazy and yeah and act as artists would get against. I was supposed to give back in and giving back is deafening commotion. A locally I want to tell you something that video is tremendous. And I want to thank you for being with us I wanna thank you for collaborating on that video. And again if you haven't seen logic 1802738255. Song. He is on I'm listening dot org Coleen thank you so much for being part of today it's it's a beautiful healing day and I really really thank you for this. I appreciate it. So again major tactically for joining us on I'm listening again the website I'm listening dot org. Plus a complete list of everybody we've had on the program today lots of great resources for mental health. And suicide prevention and got a lot of great videos from our guests including. Just in first himself from blue October. Hobble October had ten top forty singles over their past seven studio albums. And Justin first of felt like a lot of folks you've heard today like you as you know in your life. He's battle with depression and anxiety disorders since he was a kid and here's his message. Hi this is just in first and held a blue October. And I am here to talk about suicide prevention. And to spread awareness of it my whole life I've dealt with depression at age fourteen I started taking men's four depression. I needed him my whole life and still take him to this day when I've chosen did you it's my life is to carefully watch when I put inside my body these days. I don't put alcohol I don't put drugs and don't put anything that could make the depression any worse I live for the positive. I wake up every morning and surround myself with positive people and a push out all the negative I'm spiritually aware cannot try to get outside and let the sunshine on my face. To anyone out there that's suffering from depression or might have suicidal thoughts we love you I'm praying for you. And there is hope out there for you just don't care about delighted the end of the tunnel is now. It is not a sign of weakness to see a doctor when you're depressed. Unfortunately the very nature of depression drains the desire and energy should talk with family members or seek professional help. If you are depressed you may think you're a failure not worthy of how the most courageous thing you can do is to call 180273. Talk. That's 1802738255. Watch our attention to our very good friend of mine in the radio business somebody who liked and really have great conversations with and deep conversations so that if there's problems. I know I can go to Hershey notion go to me that's Dana of FM 949 in San Diego and she caught up with passion pits Michael on July coast this week. Michelangelo lock us you've been so open about being diagnosed with bipolar specifically bipolar one rapid recycling what does it feel like CB EU. Dealing with sat. You tend to be very much so that I misunderstood. There's nothing anyone can really do besides that could I don't know that I would essentially prosecuting her than that it is almost nonexistent I mean of course it's there's an error an immediate. I have absolutely no idea what that means I know I know all the rules of the game I don't know why reproductive type viral it just so happened that I have a life threatening. Illness that has us. Almost killed me many times and it's scary. So we knew I had it. Almost taken your life was it fear that drove you that point because it was if Celek it was unraveling so much. When I can tell you every time I love rather woken up and hospital who were found I basically caught. Planning every time that happened I was not happy about it and so that's odd because. When I would get the treatment. I wouldn't even know where I who I was when I was thinking you think having been there are so many times. And remembering and now. To be able to speak goes off to it possibly can I can tell you that there's no other world like you're not it's not a discussion. I'm in another world. As I have lost two people in my life to suicide and I am sorry I've never. Been able to talk to someone who has survived a suicide I know you have a foundation of the win sharp group. I started realizing that the youth environment that I'm making music and it's so obviously. Flawed. So I started realizing like we really need to create a system like developments worth more hospitals no treatment centers specifically addiction services. We need behavioral therapy services through one thank the public my music in general I just to understand. And the funny but the good thing that like. I actually don't really have much control over it really I wanna create systems that protect him because I'd like reproductive universally just like everyone else. I call me hold myself. Your honesty is so. Refreshing on a subject that is so serious and so prevalent and it matters so much. I think it matters because you know I just wanna make things better so that when I'm not a all right it's a lot you Peralta grounded because that. They can feel so much better. Right now talking to Michael lands -- from passion pet and Michael you have survived so much and you're using your voice in such a powerful way and your helping correct the narrative that people believe about suicide. I started helping other people. And that's faster to making that part of my life plus prospect music helps people I started feeling better and that's why I'm listening to their great I don't really because. Who listening is important but when you really really to bring you don't just share or someone you now listen you start to understand that this is something that you can't. Stick by just talking. Thank you again Michael. Europe Reuters. And that's what today is all about we're listening but we're also taking action if you would like to learn more about Michael which arts group. He'd wanna supported just go to our website right now it's it's the placements and you all day I'm listening dot org. I'm also with doctor Ursula Whiteside. Clinical psychologist CEO now matters now dot org. Doctor Whiteside. Other pirates of suicide among among those who have bipolar. Yeah definitely it's at it's a storage disorder that it's thought that at 21 in five people with this condition will attempt suicide in their lifetime and and about one and if I have to serve but the problem is that it takes a long time to get to this diagnosis and and it's one that. And that needs a bright type of medication. And though and I think people who aren't getting. Who are in their depression not getting better I think that they should ask their doctor is it possible that this might be bipolar disorder and do an assessment from there. And eBay and so it went in and again huh. You know lady. You just carries of just scary thoughts carrying messages. And and that also is a good way to to to help somebody or at least approach somebody. You know yes absolutely was summoned his knees are really intense in the states like somebody with bipolar might be. The outcome of the way of reaching out to them where you're just saying like camping in meat like. Just using FaceBook messenger sending attacks you know hey you wanna go for a lot whenever that may be about helping them get outside of their head you can make a big difference. Coming up sat next rest Sam hill Alice 1059 Denver. Who's with James Arthur and James rise to fame and expect to some people thought looked easy but on the outside may be but. James is an outspoken about his battles with depression before during and after his time on the show here's Sam was James Arthur. First of all thank you so much for being a part of I'm listening pleasure your lyrics they appear to be deeply personal cannot. So mystifying that you have to unravel them to figure out what you're trying to say. Circular motion yet the I'm trying keepers conversational. As possible on the tow truck from but Schmidt was it was a redemptions on. Are really did go to do that players were I was given up on how to present on life itself you know. And I it is found its way to channel that negative energy into more music and their historic size. Alex you are channeling. He choose songs in your first down to like this exercise in some recovery yeah accidentally coming up not a lifelong struggle with anxiety and and obviously Lee can lead to depression or. Just pulled out those emotions enter into the songs at the last couple of albums. I'm have been very therapeutic and our Republican Republican to Nixon through good albums that moving toward some of a good place now. Yeah I'm a huge I am a huge embarrassment for the lesser marker posts let me to up to us in our music was always there are aware of expression from me and then it became much Joseph parent. Let's get to by fellow man and a car people want me to do this enormous you do that and and that found what was true and earned one really believes in and that's helping people with mental health issues and throw my music those those horrible these interviews duke. Hoped to shed light. On on this subject and arm are just wanna be another person. To join in the movement to do statement is this. Just enrollment of mental illness it's it's everywhere it's different than someone. You describe your anxiety depression at one time in the prison in Evanston. On how did how did you personally begins to break out of that. I've got a good side of the anxiety attacks over I just got tired of the most there was sick of them banana and a you recognized I was doing it to myself and are recognized that there was a thought process and it was. I was beaten myself full constantly in Russia should things that I couldn't control and now. Annan Arafat I found among true control what you can control you know but the statistic that really got me. Brick in the Protestant and then Genoa without that dark clothes I was just I just thought to control what it was in front of me out of riposte opening tomorrow. What happened yesterday. I'm not really help. Where can you offering advice is those listening today. A for anyone who might be feeling how you felt. And while we're just no horse feels to be afraid to leave via your home and called by a pint of milk or going out. Doing simple things can be terrify him because we trio anxious or we feel depressed we're confident so so professional lives and striking ghetto. And in that way I perform in front of lots of people and talk about myself falter you can do you know there's truth to poke left for a statement. As much realize there's a big gold mountain to climb but the first steps the most to Paul Morin and to control you can control. Thanks so much because it's clear it is so great that James Rogers become an ambassador for mental health and again. All these interviews a lot of these clips man you can get it I'm listening dot org. If you really want help right now national suicide prevention lifeline is 180273. Tock. That's 1802738255. What I loved about James Arthurs comments doctor Whiteside is how he reminds his fan how important it is to recognize or triggers. Yet traders can mean a whole lot of different things that there can they can be very simple from having a look that's you know some of giving a certain type of luck. To. You know having an anniversary like whenever earlier caller said of bill of the last. And all the way up to you know Andy never really serious relationship and he's actually useful to have and plans for each one of those. And Dana if I can ask people to do one thing at this is strange but I actually asked them to make a plan for let's say the very worst scenario up there wife leaves. OK what am I gonna do in the 24. Hours after that that would be you know at a way to get through it because that that's when it's gonna be really critical to do that. And eight Ella doctor Whiteside I brought up many times for all say it again you know what you're talking up because of your your background. Clinical faculty of the university of Washington and also you have had. You've you've had thoughts of suicide yourself so you you know what people are going through. Yet space to have it from all these different angles I see people who are going to use this federal experiences you know I do research in this area have had my own experience so it's really nice to. To be a little polo these things together and try to be as helpful as possible. And next up we've got David Raymond lead singer of disturb most notably they delivered to strip down cover of Simon and Garfunkel the sound of silence and 2015 very very powerful song. And David has said most of his lyrics are inspired by his own life experiences he said that he wrote inside the fire. About the suicide of a girlfriend he had when he was a teenager and here's a message from David Raymond. They were so the statement from start. And you know than in the United States one person commits assumes that every eleven point nine minutes. Experts believe that most suicidal individuals do not want to die. They just want to and the pain care experience. I'm listening when and so is everyone at 180273. Talk. That's 102738255. To commit. To save a life. And doctor whites that were close I'm ending the show today and I think kid this is time where you know what message would you like someone again who spent the entire time for some time listening. Is we need to look turns are meant you know three out of four suicides our our men. And I think we don't we don't pay attention to amend the motions we know that you know acknowledged that what they're going through on it dated a basis as. There's a lot of stress and intense pressure and mean I I don't know what it would be like even nine team to not get that validation for what that experiences like so. If if if anything you know BM blood Amanda that your level they're pretty great you know. As send them messages saying I'm thinking about you today and none of that stuff can hurts we just don't. Pay attention to men in the way that we could. And that's has been so good today we've had a lot of good man Colin men from the military as well so you're absolutely right and that's why I love doing this today because I'm a man and now important that is. And anytime you like more information about mental health or suicide prevention just visit our website if I'm listening dot org. If you feel like you need help now. Give them a call today at the national suicide prevention hotline that's 180273. Talk. Again that's 180273. Talk doctor Whiteside thank you so much I want to thank all of you for being here participating. Because today we spoke today we talked about it. That's the important thing about suicide and mental health to speak to talk and to have a conversation thank you so much for being here and listening today. I'm listening. Remember it's okay to ask for help. Our thanks to Metallica lead at Bob as rain Chris knows so much. Doctor Kristine Medea director of consumer said he Halsey Geri Allen David drain in logic Michelangelo Archos. William Duvall. LeRoy Butler just in person felt Kristen Carney James Arthur C your birth fell jackets and off doctor Ursula Whiteside in BJ Shea. For more information about today's program guests resources and help please visit I'm listening dot org and figuring crisis in need immediate help. Please call 80273. Talk it's 8082738255. Thank you for listening.